Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley

When magazine editors exclaim, "I recognize that!" upon being presented with what we thought was an original design, it’s either a very good thing or a fashion disaster. In this case, it was the former. (Phew!) Turns out the print in question (far left) is inspired by the "junk drawer" coffee table at Cynthia Rowley’s studio—and is just one of the knockout patterns in a spunky capsule.

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Fashion Office Memo

"Not only are these silhouettes incredibly flattering—the use of bonded neoprene makes these pieces fitted and smooth—but they’re also adorably feminine. The innovative prints shine thanks to special extras like gold foil printed on scuba fabric, something they’ve never done before."Brooke Jaffe
    Fashion Director, Ready-To-Wear
Brooke Jaffe
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